5 Must-Do Honeymoon Activities

Pins_5 Must-Do Honeymoon ActivitiesHoneymoons are a well deserved opportunity to unwind and have fun. Whether you’re planning to snooze on the white sandy shores of the Caribbean, or prefer to hike across the hills of Switzerland, there are a number of ways to ensure you enjoy on your honeymoon experience whatever the destination.

  1. Find a couple-friendly activity

Whether it’s playing golf, going for a scenic bicycle ride through the mountains or being brave enough to do a sky-dive, having a joint activity that interests and engages you both equally can really bond a couple, especially following a hectic few months of wedding planning. It’s also a lovely opportunity to discover something new about each other, and possibly about ourselves also.

  1. Dance

Even if The Tango isn’t your (or his) forté, dancing is the perfect way to let your hair down and one of the best ways to connect and laugh while on holiday. Music is in abundance all around the world, and can also introduce you to new cultures and atmospheres. It might be nice to take a fun dance class (flamenco anyone?) and, of course, is the perfect excuse to dress up in your finest pair of heels.

  1. Try New Food And Eat Well

You dieted hard to fit into that dress, and after months of living on lettuce and avoiding fries, it’s time to order some guilt-free food that you and your new husband can indulge in. Why not take a cooking class together while you’re at it? It’s a unique opportunity to learn about local cuisine and share a new culinary experience. It goes without saying that room service is a must, as is dessert!

  1. Watch A Sunrise Or Sunset

It costs nothing yet can mean everything to sit with your loved one and watch the sun rising and setting. If you don’t have a balcony, then this could be incorporated into a romantic walk along the coastline, or could involve a snuggly warm blanket and bottle of champagne. Memories like this really do last a lifetime.

  1. Take Hundreds Of Photographs

Photographs are an important way of remembering these magical few week . You only get one honeymoon, and in years to come you will cherish looking back on such a happy and romantic time. In order to preserve these memories forever, it could be best to buy a beautiful photo album and have the photographs printed professionally to show your grandchildren one day.

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