How to Start a Career in Wedding Photography

Pins_How to Start a Career in Wedding VideographyWhen choosing a career, it is of vast importance to take consider just how lucrative the field is that you are thinking about entering. That is precisely why selecting to start a career in wedding photography may be just the perfect fit for you! Think about it; countless brides and grooms walk down the aisle each and every day, and you can play an active role in making their special day a memorable one!

How to Get Started

There are many schools and programs that can teach you the necessary skills and techniques (as well as a photography degree!) that are required for wedding photography. However, if you find that you are unable unable to attend one of these available options for whatever reason, a good back-up plan is to simply intern with a local area wedding photographer. They can offer plenty of tips, advice, and ideas to get you started in pursuing your goals, and are also more than happy to accept some assistance! This is also a great way to build on a portfolio for yourself. When you are working with the photographer, ask if you can take a couple of shots yourself to see how they turn out!

Launching Your Career

Perhaps the best way to get your name out there in the world of wedding photography is to simply spread the word. Business cards and brochures may seem “old fashioned” in our technologically-advanced society, but they are a cheap and easy investment and can be left in a number of locations. If you attend church, ask the office staff if you can leave a few with them for any couple who inquires about their services. You can leave them with local area florists, bakeries, even dress or tuxedo boutiques; the options are endless!

Additionally, it is of vast importance to start a website and utilize social media websites as well to let people know that you are available to photograph their wedding. Social media is an excellent platform as you can build your name up, free of cost!

Another highly important tip in terms of launching your career, is to start a portfolio that can be reviewed by the happy couple! Your portfolio should have a number of your finest photos inside, along with your business cards so that the couple can take one as they make their decision. If you have not photographed a wedding just yet, comprise a list of your top photos, and be honest with the couple… Nothing is worse than hiring someone blindly.

Keep Positive

Starting a new career can be a very scary thing to do. But, maintaining a positive outlook on what you are doing, as well as the reasons behind it, can be all the drive you need to help you reach your goals. Keep pushing forward, and eventually you can make it to the top!

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